Employee Biometric Attendance Solution lets you manage how your employees maintain working hours. Employee Time and Attendance lets you control how your employees clock in and out regularly–all of which are simple to operate and integrate with support payroll. Shift Management and Shift Roaster ensure that each shift has sufficient employees to carry out things functioning efficiently. Using a biometric solution, employees’ arrival and departure times are recorded with the touch of a finger on the biometric scanner. Installation throughout your work locations is easy to make it convenient for employees to manage their time at the start of their day, for lunch and other scheduled intervals.

Easily monitor your employee work hours in real-time with TimeCheck

Features that automate your day-to-day task!
Shift management
Multiple organizations attendance
Managing OT & comp-off
Leave & permission management
Flexi mode option
Application Settings
Mobile App
Integration with payroll
Extensive report generation

Benefit from real-time data insights and easy access on-the-go